Our Mission

Capelli Salon's mission is to connect our clients with our team of extremely talented hair stylists in the Las Vegas area to provide luxury on site hair services while elevating your beauty in the chair.

We want to provide you the luxury experience to have one of our stylists take care of all your beauty needs from hair balayages to hair extensions, in the  most comfortable way possible - in the comfort of one of our 2 beautiful Las Vegas salons.

Welcome to the Good Life.

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Founder's Message

I take pride in building a strong team of hair stylists and only hiring th best for the job!

Education is paramount to any career and hair is no different. We have monthly classes taught by leading stylists from all over the country to show our stylists the latest techniques and trends.

We want each of our stylists to have a complete tool box of knowledge and advanced hair techniques.

We strive to be the best salon in Las Vegas for today's hair trends and hot looks.

- Carletta O'Neal

A space for everyone 🫶🏼

blonde babe season🌞

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So totally freaking awesome to get nominated for @behindthechair_com top 100 for salon decor! We put a lot of time and love into perfecting both our salons. We want them to be places where Stylist can work in comfort and fluid function. It was important to us that everyone would feel like they are in a super clean inviting salon and also feel that comfy-at-home-homey, feel. This space was renovated 2 times because the first time we chose surfaces and flooring that stained easily and we also knocked down limiting walls and removed a private room so stylists could have a more spacious break room/ mixing area. We put our heart into it because we love the stylists who walk through our doors 🤍 and we want our clients to feel like they have arrived at a destination; a place to escape the ordinary. 🌵

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Got 5 minutes for softer, smoother, frizz-free hair?
Renewal Remedy's been clinically proven to make hair 4x
smoother, 4x soften and 74% more manageable in a single 5
minute* treatment.
*based on a clinical test conducted on human hair against a
control group. #oribeobsessed @oribe @oribeobsessedjess @oribepro #lasvegashairsalon
If You don’t know, now you know. 💡 
K18 works a little differently than a traditional hair
mask. But don't worry follow these tips for your best
CLARIFY to remove dirt, oil, and product buildup, but don't
overdo it. This intense treatment only needs to be done once
or so a month.
SKIP CONDITIONER so it doesn't block the patented peptide
from reaching the innermost layers of hair.
APPLY TO DAMP HAIR so the cuticle is swollen. If hair is too
dry the peptide can't penetrate, if it's too wet the product
gets watered down.
START WITH 1 PUMP because K18 is highly concentrated
and functions differently than a traditional hair mask.
WAIT 4 MIN before doing anything else. After 4 min K18 is in
your hair and you can't mess up the results.
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Since 2015, Capelli has been elevating the salon experience for both hair stylists and customers in an upscale top-tier modern salon.
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